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The connected society is already changing the way we work and relate to each other. The latest mobile devices put what we once would have called a supercomputer in every pocket or handbag. As these devices continue to evolve it will further change every aspect of how we consume and relate to each other. In tandem with other discoveries, innovation will offer greater insight into our physical and mental condition. We will live for longer but this will be accompanied by further challenges as society adapts to an aging population. It doesn’t end there; the power of networks will expand, for instance, into how energy is created, stored and used. Many other businesses will need to disrupt or struggle to stay alive. The deep social, economic and political consequences are already starting to be felt and will only increase.

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Real World Futures Conference - Disruptive Influences And What To Do With Them. Tuesday, 17 October 2017

  • Join us at the 2017 Real World Futures annual conference. Register here Disruptive Influences - And What to Do With Them
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    Real World Conversation | Connected Cities, Connected People. Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    View the photos of the event on Flickr View Photos

    • Professor Margaret Petty - Head of School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty, QUT Connected Cities
    • Professor Laurie Buys, Professor Social Change, Creative Industries Faculty, QUT SmartCities
    • Ms Camilla Roberts, Senior Digital & Data Consultant, Institue for Future Environments, QUt Connected Cities
    • Dr Monique Mann, Lecturer, School of Justice, Faculty of Law, QUT Smart Cities and IoT

    Unlocking The Human Genome, Tuesday 18 July 2017 - Watch video

  • Professor Matt Brown - View presentation slides here
  • Professor Lyn Griffiths - View presentation slides here
  • Mr Tom Berkovits - View presentation slides here
  • Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo - View presentation slides here

    Dining Disrupted, Monday 29 August 2016 - Watch video

  • Professor Sagadevan Mundree - View presentation slides here
  • Professor Roger Hellens - View presentation slides here
  • Ros Harvey - View presentation slides here

    Patient, Heal Thyself, Wednesday 13 July 2016 - Watch Video

  • Dr Shaun Larkin - View presentation slides here
  • Dr Steve Hambleton - View presentation slides here

    Connections, Wednesday 16 March 2016 Watch Video

  • Rod Mewing - Your Service, Their Way...changing the way you connect with your customers
  • Steele Tallon - Pleased To Tweet You, Don't Forget My Game

    Future Driving, Friday 4 September 2015 - Watch video
  • Volker Richter - Future Driving- The Automotive Industry in Transition
  • Dr Graham Fraine - "Future-Now":Transport's Carpe Diem Moment
  • Professor Andry Rakotonirainy - Future of cars: a human factor and safety perspective
  • Paul Turner - If they have no drivers are they really cars?

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    Connected Cities


    THE marriage of people, the data they produce and the technology that can use it was at the centre of the Real World Conversation, Connected Cities, Connected People.

    QUT News & Events Wrap – September 18 edition


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    Disruptive Influences


    The impact of digital disruption has been described as akin to a Fourth Industrial Revolution with the power to touch every part of our lives.

    New study measures human-robot relations


    A QUT researcher is leading a new study to evaluate human-robot interactions as technology reshapes health care.

    Using tweets to decrypt the personality of Donald Trump and other powerful people


    Very successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s are often regarded as superstars in modern society because they generate jobs, introduce groundbreaking innovations, and thus change the world.

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